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Comments from Brides

Here are some comments from local brides that took the time to email us.

"Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and information that helped me plan a beautiful wedding and reception." - Colleen

"I just wanted to say that the help that your website has provided has been great. I have found almost every component for my wedding on it: reception site, officiant, photographer and calligrapher. Thank you for having such a useful site, especially for someone like me who is planning the wedding from out of state.. Thanks for all your help."
- Beth

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and ideas in the planning of the most important day of my life. Keep up the wonderful job in helping many more brides in the future. You are truly great." - Evelyn

"I just wanted to tell you that this is the BEST wedding site I have visited. You put Bride's Guide, The Wedding Channel, Artistic Weddings, Weddings Online, etc. etc. etc. to shame!!! All of the other sites just want to sell things. You provide truly helpful information. I realize that you do list vendors, however, you do not make it impossible to surf the site without being subjected to them. Although I do not live in Rhode Island, I really appreciate this site. I will recommend it to every bride and groom I ever meet. Thank you again!" - Colleen

"What a helpful site! I really appreciated having one source for all of my questions. You simplified our preparations tremendously. Plus, your site was well organized and easy to navigate. Thank you!" - Jane

"I have been engaged for a year and a half, and as you can imagine, I have seen many wedding web sites. I wanted to let you know how sweet and well laid your site is! Thank you for offering great information in a concise manner."
- Lexi

"I love this site. It's a great reference and I should know since I have visited most "wedding" related sites on the net!"
- Lisa

"Thank you for including wedding verses from the old and new testaments, as well as all the other information. As mother of a bride-to-be, I have enjoyed visiting your site, and have made copies of the wedding party duties, poems and scriptures for use in various ways for our daughter's wedding. Thank you." - Mrs. James

"Hello! Since our engagement last May, I have found your web site to be very helpful. Thanks!" - Julie

"I stumbled across your site this afternoon and was very pleased. The information was just what I needed. Thank you!" - Kristin

"Thank you very much for an excellent and useful site!!" - Charlie

"I found your web site to be very helpful in helping me plan my wedding and making the right choices. Thank you."
- Alice, Gloucester

"I just wanted to let you know how helpful I found your website. I don't live in the state; If I did, I would have used your advertisers just based on the fact that your website is above and beyond anything I have found. Thank you!" - Lisa, Washington

"This is an incredible web site. I really appreciate all the detail and info." - Joanna

"I have found your information guide extremely helpful. It is more in depth than some of the English websites." - Shazza, UK, England

From a couple planning their daughter's wedding:"Thanks for the info. It was just what I needed. We love your site!"

"Your look and content is great!" - Anonymous

"Your website is great. I am looking for all of this information"
- Anonymous

"I have really enjoyed reading your guide and have been recommending it to my friends. Thanks again." - Laura