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Wedding Dress/Wardrobe Changes

Years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for the bride and groom to change from their wedding dress and tux into their going away clothes before they ducked out early from their reception to head off to the airport or to their honeymoon destination.  Nowadays, most couples don’t leave the reception early and change into going away clothes like they used to but that doesn’t mean that modern brides don’t want a wedding wardrobe change.  Many brides are choosing to wear multiple dresses in accordance with cultural traditions; while others have adopted the two dress wedding trend popular with celebrities and socialites for comfort and stylish reasons.

Some brides choose to wear multiple dresses throughout the day not just for freedom of movement at the reception, but to honor a cultural tradition.  The Japanese bride first puts on a white kimono for the wedding ceremony then often changes into a more colorful and elaborately embroidered kimono for the reception.  A Chinese wedding may have the bride wear a white wedding dress and change into traditional costume for the tea ceremony.  Indian brides in Western countries often wear the sari at the wedding ceremony and change into traditional wedding wear afterwards.

Cultural/Tradition Wedding Dresses

Images by Adryanto Photography

Some brides are so in love with their wedding gowns or paid so much for them, that they feel strongly about staying in their dream dresses all day and night, so they’ll just bustle up the train in order to move and dance more freely at the reception.  Other brides are opting for two wedding dresses, changing from the traditional ball gown worn at the ceremony, to a shorter, flirtier cocktail style or party dress for the reception.  If you think you barely have the budget for one wedding dress, let alone two, some manufacturers are making convertible wedding dresses where the magic of Velcro enables you to remove long layers of ruffle or skirting to reveal a sleek, short, dress perfect for dancing in, creating one dress with two distinct looks and purposes.

Convertible Wedding Dresses:

David Tutera by Faviana, Eva   David Tutera by Faviana, Fergie
2010-2011 Martina Liana Collection, Dress 320   Allure Bridals Collection, Dress 8700

Are two wedding dresses better than one?  That depends on the bride you’re asking. While it’s nice to change into a less elaborate dress and have the opportunity to send the intricate wedding dress home with the mother of the bride or maid of honor, a wedding is a once in a lifetime event where the bride is the center of attention so if she wants to wear the full, fancy gown all day and night or change three times, it’s her call.

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