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Five Big Trends in Bridal Gowns

Bridal designers continue to design glamorous gowns that are just breathtaking.
Big & Bold: skirts aren't the only fashion that is big! Find bold details on wedding gowns.

"One of hottest trends we're seeing in Bridal is the very full ball skirt.  Designers have upped the ante adding gorgeous details like Swarovski crystals, hand beading and embroidery. “This style of gown is definitely for the Bride who wants to be the star of the show," Holland told us. “I think the trend of a very big bold wedding gown makes sense as so many of my Brides have a second wedding dress that they wear at their reception.  A reception dress is more dance and mingle-friendly, so Brides are embracing more ornate gowns for their ceremony.”

Bridal Gowns - 2014 Trends Bridal Gowns - 2014 Trends Bridal Gowns - 2014 Trends
Short & Sassy: short wedding dresses aren't just for receptions any more!

"We’re finding a lot of Brides want a short wedding dress, not just as a reception dress, but for the main event,” Holland tells us. “I think this trend is happening because designers have been making such beautiful and intricately detailed short dresses for receptions, that Brides saw them and thought, ‘I want that! as my wedding dress!’  I think with the rise of garden and beach themed weddings, a short dress has become more popular.  It’s perfect for the Bride that wants to wear the same beautiful dress from ceremony to reception.”

2014 Short Bridal Gown Trends 2014 Short Bridal Gown Trends 2014 Short Bridal Gown Trends
High Necklines + Sheer Fabrics: high necklines continue to be a popular wedding dress trend - matched with beautiful sheer fabrics.

"I just love the look of high necklines. They're just so chic, whether constructed from lace or bateau. This type of wedding gown is for the Bride that wants to feel elegant.” Holland told us. When we asked if she had any tips on this trend, she added, "I would say to think about keeping the hair simple and away from the face and to also choose less ornate jewelry and really let the dress be the star of the show."

2014 Sheer Bridal Gowns 2014 Sheer Bridal Gowns 2014 Sheer Bridal Gowns
Lace: lace also continues to be a popular trend in wedding dresses - modern, vintage, no matter the style, lace is always timeless.

"What can I say, I love this trend," Holland told us. "In fact, lace is far from a trend, it's so beautifully timeless." But today's lace is not your Grandmother's lace. "Lace is being used in a much more contemporary way in today's wedding gowns than ever before.  It can be used as a layer over your skirt; just around the neckline, which is a very romantic look or in appliques which brings such  pretty detail to a wedding gown.” says Holland.

Lace Bridal Gown Trends 2014 Lace Bridal Gown Trends 2014 Lace Bridal Gown Trends 2014
Vintage Styles: Gatsby inspired dresses and Old Hollywood glamour are a big hit.

"We saw a lot of dresses (at the Bridal markets) that were Gatsby inspired.  These wedding dresses are thoroughly modern but are definitely influenced by Old Hollywood glamour. The ‘skirt’ can be anywhere from a body hugging silhouette made of a simple satin to a full ball skirt," Holland told us.  “What I love most about this trend is that is will really photograph as timeless.”

2014 Vintage Bridal Gowns 2014 Vintage Bridal Gowns 2014 Vintage Bridal Gowns

We asked Holland if a Bride can make a mistake with any of these trends. "Yes," Holland said, "by taking them too seriously!" Holland laughed. "I always tell my Brides, 'trends come and go'. A lot of times, naming trends is just a way to generate excitement about wedding gowns. Here, at Party Dress Express, we're always excited about wedding gowns. So I always say, instead of thinking about a trend, let's think about what the Bride feels gorgeous in - because whatever that is, it really always is the best trend of all!"

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