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Destiny of a Wedding Dress

Brides spend a lot of time searching for just the right gown for their big day and although one of the most important wedding items, a good number of bridal gowns end up hanging in a closet for many years or donated to the local thrift store. Your dress doesn’t have to be destined to this unfortunate fate. There are a number of ways to extend the life of your dress for future use that can benefit you and others as well.

Wedding Gown Preservation
Dry cleaning your dress might not be the best way to remove dirt and stains from your gown.  To ensure proper cleaning and preserving of a gown for future wear without yellowing or discoloration, ask your bridal retailer, tux shop or dry cleaner if they sell gown preservation kits.  These kits come with instructions for shipping your gown to a specialized cleaner and tracking its preservation process over a 2-10 week time period from when it is received.  Once cleaned and preserved, the gown is placed into a preservation chest with an acid-free display window, enclosed in a shipping carton and sent back pre-paid via UPS.  This procedure, fulfilled by companies like Wedding Gown Preservation Company, helps keep the gown in pristine condition and saves it for the next generation.

Donate to Charity
Gown donations are gaining popularity and benefit buyers as well as charities. The Making Memories Foundation has Brides Against Breast Cancer TM fund raising events where gowns donated by retailers, manufacturers and individuals are resold to brides at discounted prices.  Brides can get a dream dress for less and monies raised from these fund-raising events make wishes come true for women and men losing the fight against breast cancer.  There are a number of other organizations that take new or lightly worn bridal gown donations to raise money for charity so check online to find what other specific charities might benefit from your donation. 

Recoup some of the purchase price of the bridal gown by putting it up for sale on sites like PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com after the wedding.  With consignment, you can splurge on the great looking expensive designer dress and not feel guilty because you can resell it, recovering some of the purchase price. Buyers also benefit since brides can get an expensive designer dress at a discount. Pre-owned doesn’t necessarily mean worn either.  Some consignment dresses are brand new so if you find one of those you like, you’re really getting a bargain.

After the wedding, some brides opt to keep and preserve their bridal gown for sentimental reasons or for their daughter to wear, some look forward to donating their gown to help raise money for a beloved charity, while others might look at things more practically, choosing to resell a gown they’ll probably never wear again.  What you’ll do with your gown post- wedding is entirely up to you.

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