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Taking The Guesswork Out Of Fabric Choices For Your Bridal Gown

Do fabric choices matter when it comes to choosing your wedding gown? We went to Party Dress Express in Fall River, New England's #1 Retailer for Proms, Weddings and Special Occasions, and they answered with an emphatic, "Yes!" The reason is simple: a Bride wants to feel fabulous on her wedding day. Heavier fabrics in summer might cause a Bride to feel weighed down by her dress (or worse, sweat during her photos!) A dress that's made out of a lighter weight fabric in winter might look too informal or leave a Bride feeling cold.

Donna Holland, the owner of Party Dress Express, immediately puts a Bride-To-Be at ease when she is picking out her wedding gown. "The first question I ask is, 'What time of year are you getting married?' If it's summer, I might guide them towards a lighter fabric, such as chiffon, crepe or a light satin." For a garden wedding, a Bride might want to choose a gown made out of tulle or lace. For a summer beach wedding, silk would be an excellent choice for a Bride's big day.

Winter Weddings
Ms. Holland continued, “One thing I love about winter weddings, is because the weather is cooler, you can have more draping with the fabric and that lends itself to wedding gowns with drama.”  Velvet, brocade and heavier satins are perfect for a winter wedding gown.  A flowing satin gown makes for a real show stopper and is the perfect tradition for a Christmas wedding. Most brides are usually happy with the heaviness of satin, since it is by far the warmest fabric of all Bridal fabrics.
But a Bride should never feel like she must let fabrics be the only deciding factor in choosing her dress.  Ms. Holland tells us, “If there’s a dress with lighter fabric a Bride desires on her big day during the cooler months, a fabulous little jacket can be added for the ceremony and taken off during the dance portion of the reception.”  And if a Bride falls in love with a heavier fabric dress in summer, there’s always the option of picking out a lighter weight fabric reception dress to dance the night away in!

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