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Hot Dress Trends for Rehearsal Dinners and Engagement Parties

Bridal magazines and Bridal blogs are always up to the minute on the hottest trends in wedding gowns. But when it comes to an engagement or wedding rehearal dress, Brides are often left scratching their heads about what the latest trends are. We asked Donna Holland, owner of Party Dress Express, New Englandís # 1 Retailer for Prom, Wedding and Special Occasion, how she thinks the hottest trends on the fashion runway and in magazines will translate to Brides purchasing a new outfit for parties. The good news: from a BBQ dinner to an elegant dinner to a formal affair, thereís bound to be an outfit here that will be perfect for you!

Loving Lace
“One of biggest trends we’re seeing is a lot of lace - from neckline to arms to hems - this can be a really sweet, sexy style for the Bride-To-Be to wear.” 

Return to Glamour
“We’re definitely seeing a return to glamour on the runway.  While in the past few years, it seemed fashion was not wanting to be too flashy during a tough economy but the fashion world could not be denied glamour anymore!  This is nice for a Bride To Be, because she deserves to look beautiful,” Holland told us.
Breezy Dresses with Movement
“On the runway, there were a lot of dresses that just moved so elegantly. These dresses have a romantic feel that Brides-To-Be love so this trend will translate perfectly to an engagement party dress or wedding rehearsal dress,” Holland told us.
Understated Beauty

“On the fashion runways we saw a lot of cool, casual outfits. Trends included everything from super fitted pants, to relaxed blazers to lots of faux fur. This can perfectly translate to the low-key couple that might want a more relaxed background for their engagement party or rehearsal dinner. Whether it’s dinner or celebration on the beach or at a casual restaurant, there are lots of terrific outfits that will be right for you,” Holland continued.

We asked Holland how much trends matter when picking out a rehearsal dinner dress or engagement party outfit. She told us, “I always want our Brides-to-Be to feel relaxed and beautiful, whether on their wedding day or at a wedding related celebration. If a trend feels terrific and fits your personal style, I say go for it!”     

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