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Most bridal floral bouquets have a plastic handle on them that isn’t very attractive.  If you want the bottom of the bouquet to look as good as the top, adding a decorative bouquet holder will do the trick. Some floral bouquet holders are cone shaped and some have a straight handle, but all are quite pretty and add a little extra something to a bouquet.  If you’re using a bouquet holder, choose a style that matches the overall tone of the wedding and be sure the bouquet fits into the holder by giving the holder to your florist in advance.  Here are a few different style bouquet holders that you might consider for your wedding:

If you’re an uptown type who’s having a formal wedding then you may like a floral bouquet holder with some pizzazz.  If you have the budget, definitely go for a glamorous, sparkling Swarovski crystal encrusted bouquet holder. If a Swarovski crystal holder will push you over budget, you can get a similar look for less with a rhinestone or pearl encrusted holder or crystal stem wrap. For those who like the shimmer of crystal but just maybe toned down a bit, you can find a diverse selection of bouquet holders adorned with crystal butterflies, flowers and monograms.

Left to Right: Bridal Bling,Bridal Bling, Panache Bride
If vintage and traditional are the styles you lean towards, then a Victorian type of bouquet holder might be right for you.  Victorian type holders come in a variety of styles like silver metallic hammered holders with fluted edges, sterling silver with carved roses, leaves, bows, and monogramming, satin fabric covered holders with feather and bead accents or corset style with satin and lace.  Victorian style bouquet holders are especially nice for afternoon or less formal weddings.
Left to Right: Vintage Wedding, Plantet Greta, CI Expressions
If your style is outdoorsy and inspired by nature, you may like floral bouquet holders constructed from natural materials that are rustic yet sophisticated.  The handcrafted quality of a floral bouquet holder made of birch bark or grapevine makes each one unique and adds extra charm to a garden or outdoor wedding.
Don’t walk down the aisle with a plastic handle on your bouquet.  Bouquet holders are a beautiful addition to any floral bouquet.  Whether you buy or make your own bouquet holder, select one that matches your style, type of wedding and budget and you can’t go wrong.
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