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Bridal Garters: Alternatives and Trendy Styles

Ever wonder wear some of the wedding traditions evolved from? During the 14th century in France, it was believed that the bride’s dress was to bring good luck and fortune to the guests. After the couple wed, witnesses would tear pieces of the bride’s dress as it was thought to bring good luck. To avoid such ruckus behavior, the groom began assisting his wife and would make a ceremonial throwing of the garter.

Things have come a long way and the throwing of the garter is much more refined. Today, there are mixed feelings on the tradition of throwing the garter/tossing the bouquet. It is not a required part of the wedding and many couples opt to exclude it from their reception. One thing that does remain true, is most brides will wear a garter for her groom whether or not they perform this ritual. At the very least, it can be a small treasure to be discovered by the groom on the wedding night.

Throwing the bouquet typically goes hand in hand with tossing the garter. If you opt not to toss the garter, consider one of these ideas for your bouquet:

  • Present the bouquet to a special friend or relative (such as your maid of honor, grandparents, Godparents).

  • Present the bouquet to the couple that has been married the longest.

  • Have your florist make up a bouquet of individual stems tied up with ribbon and give each single woman a flower.


A garter is a great way to add that ‘something blue’ to your day, too. A top trend is personalization. Check out our favorite personalized styles on right. (Images provided by The Wedding Outlet.)

Whether you decide to toss the garter or not, is definitely up to you. Many brides choose not incorporate this trend, while many others wouldn't miss the throwing of the bouquet and tossing of the garter. It makes for a great video clip!

bridal makeup artists Tip: instead of your garter, have your groom throw his “little black book.” I’m not sure if those in the book would appreciate this gesture, but it sure will get a laugh from your guests!
Chelsea Garter
Chelsea Bridal Garter
White or Ivory
with choice of floral accent color
Chantilly Lace Garter
Chantilly Lace Garter
White or Ivory
with choice of ribbon color
Monogram garter
Monogram Bridal Garter
White or Ivory with choice thread


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