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From Aimee Guthinger, Owner, Bedroom I's Boutique

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Long before the wedding and all of the stress has passed, you will need to start thinking about your honeymoon and more importantly, your honeymoon lingerie. The old traditions no longer dictate your choices and, keep in mind, that a honeymoon does lasts for more than one night! Many girls comment to us that they're looking for something feminine and traditional for the wedding night, but they are also interested in something fun to wear in the middle of their getaway, as well as something daring to present toward the end of the vacation or upon returning home.

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We suggest that you start by deciding what your best features are. Think about the parts of your body that make you feel like you are looking your best when they are exposed. This is particularly important because the best lingerie for your figure will make all the difference in making you feel beautiful during your honeymoon, as well as all the magical moments you spend as newlyweds. Wearing the right lingerie provides a woman with a feeling of power and confidence that no other garment can truly provide. You will want to pick out styles that make you feel your best: imagine that you're creating a beautiful present that your husband will unwrap like one of his most coveted gifts.

Next, consider the feel of your favorite fabrics. Do you prefer a silk satin that drapes lightly over your skin? Or perhaps more of a jersey feel that offers more stretch for a closer, curve-hugging fit? If you have joined the many who are making strides to go green and lessen the impact of your wedding on the planet, then you may want to consider one of the many eco-friendly fabrics available. Often they are as soft, if not softer than cashmere and offer many possible positive features including natural UV blocking, increased breath-ability and natural anti-bacterial properties.

Color will also be your friend, if you are comfortable making use of the many hues available. The old traditions no longer hold us in place and it is much better for your selections to be made based on your preferences. The air of confidence you gain will be immediately communicated in your resulting body language. Remember, like many other things in life, seduction is all about attitude and the best lingerie will go a long way to helping you convey the style, elegance and playfulness this evening deserves.

Your life is likely going to be filled with hectic family moments in the future, you both deserve to take this time to stop and indulge in some romance and fun!

A few additional Honeymoon suggestions...most of which are designed to fit neatly in your luggage without taking up too much extra space, but to add a little extra fun to your vacation.

  • Novelty bottoms. There are so many great sayings, Just Married or Trophy Wife are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Personalized Towels: Most resorts provide their own, but embroidered beach towels with your names & wedding date are both useful & a nice keepsake.
  • Nippies: these are one time use nipple covers that are available in lots of fun designs. Imagine you wear these out to dinner one evening and upon returning to your suite, your new husband discover gold sequin star decorations…
  • Sheer robe / cover-up can be sexy when worn around your suite or by the pool allowing the swimsuit you hunted high and low for to be seen!
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