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Unity Sand Ceremony

A unity sand ceremony is a unique way to represent the joining of you and your fiance during your wedding ceremony. The unity sand ceremony is becoming increasingly popular and is a great alternative to the unity candle - it is an alternative where open flames can be an issue, such as on the beach or some churches and ceremony sites may have certain restrictions.

There are many advantages to a unity sand ceremony - you'll have a timeless piece to keep, plus you won't have to worry about keeping a unity candle lit (especially if you are opting for an outdoor wedding).

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What you need for your unity sand ceremony:

Three Vases - more if you choose to include the priest or children*. The center vase should be larger as this is where all participants pour their sand.

Sand - many select a different color sand for each participant and colors that compliment your ceremony flowers and/or wedding party colors.

You may purchase the vases and sand separately at a craft store, such as Michaels, or purchase a kit for your sand ceremony on-line at wedding specialty stores.

How the unity sand ceremony works:

Step 1: The groom begins with pouring a portion of his sand into the center vase.

Step 2: The bride will then pour a portion of her sand into the center vase, creating a layered effect.

Step 3: The bride and groom will simultaneously pour the sand into the center vase.

End result:

A beautiful vase filled with sand, symbolizing your marriage and forever a memory of your wedding ceremony. Be sure to "cap" the vase to ensure it doesn't spill!

*Variations to the unity sand ceremony:
Some couples choose to to repeat Steps 1 and 2 (individually pouring sand) to create multiple sand layers before continuing onto step 3.

Some choose to include the priest in the sand ceremony to symbolize their union with their faith. The priest follows Step 2 above.

Have children? Symbolize the joining of both families by having each child pour sand into the center vase. Children follow Step 2 above.

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