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Most brides will adorn a veil of some size for their wedding day. But what size is the right size for your wedding day? One question to ask before the hunt begins: do you wish to wear your bridal veil throughout the entire ceremony and reception or just during the ceremony? If you choose to unveil after the ceremony and wear just your hair accessory - such as a comb, tiara or headband - then just about any bridal veil size should do the trick. However, if you plan on wearing your veil throughout the entire event, you may want to stick with a smaller size so that you don’t get tangled while walking into the reception or dancing the night away.

Shoulder Bridal Veils   Elbow Bridal Veils   Fingertip Bridal Veils   Chapel Bridal Veils   Cathedral Bridal Veils

From blusher to veil that goes just past shoulders. Works well with modern dresses; great with tea-length or short dresses. Great for destination weddings.


Falls just past elbows. Try a single layer for a simple touch; or multiple layers for a full look. Great touch for a modern or traditional gown.


Slightly longer than the elbow veil, the fingertip is most associated with a traditional, longer gown. This length tends to never go out of style.


The length of this veil will hit the floor and lay slightly behind heels. Perfect with longer, formal dresses that have trains.


Flows to ankles and beyond. Works best with long gowns. A current trend that is worth, at the very least, a try-on with your gown.

Image above from weddingveil.com   Image above from wedding-veil.com   Imageabove from theweddingoutlet.com   Image above from theweddingoutlet.com   Image above from Carla June Designs

The current trends in bridal veils are the fintertip veil along with the stunning Cathedral Veil. From simple satin to flowers and sequins, check out our favorite styles that can dress up or dress down your wedding gown:


Fingertip Bridal Veils (38"-42")

Fingertip Bridal Veil   Satin Edged Bridal Veil   Floral Bridal Veils   Colored Wedding Veil   Scalloped Bridal Veil
Continuous Pearl Edge Veil from The Wedding Outlet   Satin Edged Ribbon Veil
from The Wedding Outlet
  Floral Bridal Veil
from The Wedding Outle
  Apple Lace Veil With Apple Ribbon Edge from David's Bridal   Scalloped Edge & Embroidery Bridal Veil
from The Wedding Outlet

Cathedral Length Bridal Veils (108")

Cathedral Wedding Veil   Monogram Wedding Veils   wedding veils   Wedding Veils   Wedding Veils
Single Layered Cathedral Veil by He Knows My Name   Monogram Veil
by jfyBride
  Folded Satin Ribbon Edge offered by Dante Design   Alencon Lace Wedding
Veil by jfyBride
  Victorian Lace Alencon Veil by Southern Lady Veils

Swarvoski crystals, embroidered, scattered pearls, satin edged, scalloped edged - so many options that you it is hard to go wrong! Just remember the veil should express your style and compliment your gown. Try on several styles while wearing your gown to ensure you have the look you want.

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