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Emergency Wedding Kit

Content contributed by Kristin Griffin Photography

No one wants to think about something going wrong on wedding day, but how you deal with any minor issues can make the difference between wonderful wedding memories and a disaster.  Compiling a wedding day emergency kit will help you be prepared.

Here are the top 10 “just in case” items that get used at weddings:

  • Safety pins – black and silver
  • Duct tape – black and white.  You can fix a fallen hem, improve an improperly sized tux, or cover the inside of a corset that rubs.
  • Drinking straws – once you’ve applied lipstick or gloss, use a straw to prevent makeup mishaps. Also a great way to avoid spills.
  • Mints/gum
  • Superglue – a broken heel, piece of jewelry that’s come apart or six pence that won’t stay in place – there’s nothing a bit of superglue can’t fix.
  • Toothpicks, floral pins and floral tape – If a flower stem snaps in your boutonnières, corsages or bouquets, push a toothpick down through the flower, and add a little extra green floral tape to the stem – no one will know the difference.
  • Individually packed medications and tissues – Pepto Bismol, Tylenol, Tums, and cold medications – who wants to feel under the weather on their big day?
  • Fishing wire & sewing needle – no need to carry an entire sewing kit. Clear fishing wire can stitch up any mishap no matter the color of the fabric and is also very useful with broken or too tight jewelry.
  • Scissors
  • White chalk and baby powder – If you happen to get a little smudge on your dress, try a little white chalk and baby powder.
RI bridal makeup kit
Kerrie Baldwin Hair & Makeup

Less frequently used, but still needed: bottle opener, Colgate wisps (disposable toothbrushes with toothpaste), scotch tape, paperclips, black marker, matches, extra buttons, clear nail polish (for stocking runs and touch ups), extra earring backs (clear ones work for gold, silver or colored jewelry), mini screwdriver, comb, hairspray, bobby pins, chapstick, Visine or contact solution, Shout wipes, tweezers, Band-Aids, wrinkle release spray, cotton balls, lint roller, q-tips, static guard, nail file, sunblock, deodorant, sanitary supplies, smelling salts, cash, small mirror, snacks and lotion.

So, what do you do with these goodies once your wedding day is over?  This kit can come in very handy in the trunk of your car!  Or, be a wonderful future bridesmaid and pass your kit along. I know your friend will be happy you saved the day!

Premade bridal emergency kits are also available online at The Wedding Outlet, Target and other retailers.

bridesmaid clutch with survival kit
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