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Want sun-kissed skin for your wedding and honeymoon? With tanning in natural sun not safe for our skin, how is a girl to get the sun-kissed, blushing look but we all know that tanning is not safe for our skin.  So what’s a bride to do if she’s looking for a gorgeous glow but not the negative effects of the sun?  Brides can choose safer tanning alternatives like self-tanners and airbrushed or spray tans that cause a chemical reaction on the skin surface producing a “fake” tan, or powder bronzers, all of which make you look tan without going in the sun.  Here are some quick tips and risks to using any of the sunless alternatives.

Self-tanners should be chosen based on skin type. They are available in gels, mousses, lotions, even towelettes. Some self-tanners create a gradual tan while others give an instant tan so be sure to read the package.  Most of the self-tanners recommend that you exfoliate first and apply evenly.  It is also a good idea to moisturize dry areas like ankles, knees or elbows so that the tanner doesn’t cause those drier areas to get too dark.  Some self-tanners have fragrances which can trigger asthma or contain paraben which can effect the endocrine system, so be sure and read the content label if you are concerned about these ingredients.

Here are the top 5 best reviewed sunless tanners reported by Consumer Search in March 2011:

Powder Bronzer
Powder bronzers are a good choice if you want a warm looking, healthy glow just on your face or other small areas. Readily available at your local drugstores, department stores or make-up retailers, bronzers are sold as pressed or loose powders and can be easily applied with a blush brush. Choose your bronzer based on your skin complexion. Powder bronzers do wear off so you may need to reapply during the day.  Powder bronzers can also get on your clothes so watch out for that.
Clinique True Bronze Power >

Airbrush/Spray Tan
Many spas and salons around the country now offer airbrush or spray tans where a technician, depending on the method you choose, uses a spray gun, a hand held sprayer or a spray booth, to cover you with a gentle mist that produces a streak-free bronze hue.  If you’re not into going to a spa, there are traveling tanning companies that come to your home or location of your choice, set up a tent that you step into while wearing a bathing suit then spray you for an instant tan that deepens over 24 hours.  This new trend is great for a bridal party get together or bachelorette party.  Couples can also do it, so don’t forget your groom.  If getting a spray tan, just be careful not to inhale the product or get it into your eyes or mouth.
Envy Mobile Tan in Boston >

You don’t have to be a sun worshipper to get sun-kissed skin. Take some time to try out different types of sunless tanning options and you’re sure to get the perfect faux glow for your wedding day. Just remember to try it out selected products several weeks (or months) before your wedding. The last think you want is orange streaks on your wedding day!

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