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Your special occasion hairstyle depends on more than just the style of dress or headpiece you’ll be wearing. It depends on your personal style too.  If you’ve always worn your hair shorter, you may not want to suddenly grow your locks longer for a formal updo.  On the other hand, if you wear your hair longer, you probably won’t want to sheer it all off before the big event either.  No matter what your hair length, it’s possible to update your current style without veering out of your comfort zone too much.  Here are a few ways to slightly change up your current hairdo and make it more special for your next formal event.

Short Hair – Short hair is very trendy. Update the popular short pixie cut for a wedding with a more sculpted, angular or defined cut.  A short cut with a more defined shape looks dramatic, and when paired with a simple sparkling hair accessory, is a great wedding day look.

Formal Hair Design Kerri Baldwin

Medium Length Hair – If you’re wearing your hair in a trendy mid-length bob cut style, you can update it and make it more special by adding some waves or curls.  To get a wavy, subtle curl, use a curling iron with a large barrel and run fingers through the curls to loosen.  To get a curly look, use a curling iron with a small barrel size. Worn either way, you can’t go wrong with a curlier style.  It’s a perfect special occasion look.

I DO on-site hair and make-up

Long Hair – Take your long, sleek, straightened blowout style to 2012 by adding natural looking loose curls.  To achieve the soft, bouncy waves, use multiple curling irons with different barrel sizes.  Make the look even sexier and more elegant by changing a side part to a center part and add lots of volume at the crown. Perfect for a formal affair, this fuller style makes hair look luxurious. 

Classic updos like chignons, ponytails, braids, and big high buns are always a do for formal occasions but don’t feel obligated to wear your hair in a style that’s not your style.  Talk to your hair stylist about different ways to update your current hairdo, try out a few of the looks prior to the event, and no matter what hair length you have, choose a style that you’re comfortable wearing. 

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