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A Modern Brides Guide to Veils, Head Pieces and Hair Accessories

A wedding veil is truly a style icon onto it's own.  At one time, it's biggest function was to prevent the groom from seeing his wife-to-be as she came down the aisle, until her father pulled back her veil and revealed her beautiful Bridal glow.  But these days, a modern Bride often forgoes a veil that may cover her up for their walk down the aisle and instead choose a decorative veil that cascades down the back of her dress.

But a traditional veil is not the only one to choose from and as Brides have adopted more high fashion looks with their wedding gown choices, so have they with their veils, too.  The different choices may seem as overwhelming and soon it feels dizzying just to hear the terms elbow length veil, fingertip veil and cathedral veil; add blusher veils and birdcage veil and soon your head is spinning. 

Don't worry, we've taken all the guess work out your bridal veil choices and we'll even talk about the most gorgeous hair accessories such as jewel encrusted tiaras, headbands and fascinators.

The blusher veil is a short, single layer of veiling worn over the face before the ceremony and lifted back over the head at by either the Bride's father or Husband. This blusher veil is a big longer and still elegant.   A birdcage veil can have a hip, modern feel and be paired with a fashion forward gown or it can have a retro look when paired with a vintage inspired dress. The netting may come down to cover one or both eyes, down to the nose or chin, or even cover the entire face.   The elbow length veil may be up to 25" and is most appropriate for an informal setting. May be used with longer layers to create a blusher veil. The second layer is often pulled back by father after he walks the bride down the aisle or after the officiatiant pronounces the couple.
The fingertip veil can be worn with any full-length gown. It falls at Bride's fingertips if her hands are at her side and is used for formal and semi-formal weddings. The Bride can also choose to detach her veil during the reception, leaving her with her tiara on.   Cathedral veils are best paired with a formal gown during more formal weddings. The veil will extend onto the floor at least six inches past the train for a dramatic look. Cathedral length veil looks best when worn with a cathedral or semi-cathedral length gown. But not all rules are absolute.    

Luckily, many wedding veils are now detachable, which means they simply Velcro to your headpiece and can be easily removed without ruining your hairstyle.

So what is a Bride wearing in her hair once that wedding veil comes off? Well that's entirely up to you! (As it may be up to you to forgo the wedding veil all together!)


Let's talk wedding headpieces:

Headpieces: Tiara, Headbands, and Fascinators, Oh My!

Tiaras: For the Bride that always saw her wedding day as a true fairy tale, nothing will complete her look but a stunning tiara.  Again, this can work on it's own or a veil can be attached and later taken off after the ceremony.   Headbands: A Bride may let her hair be the main attraction and decide she just wants a gorgeous headband to accentuate a gorgeous ‘do.  Some headbands have ornate flowers, others are jewel encrusted, all are lovely!   Fascinators: may be as intricate as the hats we saw worn at the Royal wedding or a gorgeous ornamentation fastened to a clip.  Fascinators may feature beaded flower petals, feathers and/or fabrics with rhinestones, sequins and faux pearls.

The number one rule when it comes to your wedding veil or headpiece… well, it’s that there are no rules!  The most important thing is that you feel amazingly beautiful, no matter what you choose! 

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