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From the moment you say 'yes,' all eyes will be on you. Starting with the engagement party and bridal shower and ending with the 'I do' and last dance. For some, they love the attention and bask in the lime light. However, for others, it makes them go weak in the knees. If the thought of being the center of attention terrifies you, then checkout these five suggestions:

  • Instead of the "traditional" shower, have a couple's shower. This way you both will share in the "limelight". Jack and Jill showers have increasing grown more and more popular. Having your partner beside you will make you feel more comfortable and enjoy the day. Afterall, its about the two of you!
  • Sit at a regular reception table instead of a head table. There are countless options for head tables - stray from the long table that faces wedding guests and consider sitting at a round table or U-shaped table (more head table options).
  • Have your first dance include your family and friends. Start the dance out with just the two of you; after a minute have the DJ invite family and friends to join you on the dance floor.
  • Be sure to tell your family and friends that you would like to keep a relatively low profile, so they won't plan any surprise parties for you.
  • At the ceremony, include special people to do a reading, sing, speak. Children can often steal the show - include a ring bearer or flowergirl into the ceremony.
Remember that your family and friends are there to celebrate YOU and your partner as you say 'I do.'

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