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Anniversary Gifts

On your wedding day, it's nice to give your future groom a token of your love. This does not have to be an expensive gift - but something from the heart. Accompany the gift with a personal note, including all the reasons you are happy to become husband and wife. Consider personalizing your gift with your wedding date or special note to remember the day always.

anniversary gift ideas
Wedding Gift Suggesionts to give to your husband-to-be:
  • Cuff links
  • Watch or pocketwatch
  • Handkerchief
  • Picture Frame with a photo of the two of you
  • CD of "your songs"
  • Write a Poem or give a print of his favorite poem
  • Artwork: painting, vase, figurine that can be displayed in your home to remind each of you of the special day.
  • Special Trip - whether its an excursion on your honeymoon or a trip to look forward to in the future.
  • Honeymoon Accessories - sunglasses, matching robes, tote bag filled with essentials for you honeymoon.
  • Golf Club or set of clubs, new golf bag, etc.
Looking toward the future - not sure what to get your loved one on each anniversary? Below you will find a list of traditional and contemporary wedding anniversary gifts.
Traditional Gifts Contemporary Gifts
1st: Paper 1st: Clocks
2nd: Cotton 2nd: China
3rd: Leather 3rd: Crystal/Glass
4th: Fruit/Flowers 4th: Appliances
5th: Wood 5th: Silverware/Silver
6th: Candy/Iron 6th: Wood
7th: Wool/Copper 7th: Desk Sets
8th: Bronze/Pottery 8th: Linens/Lace
9th: Pottery/Willow 9th: Leather
10th: Tin/Aluminum 10th: Diamond Jewelry
11th: Steel 11th: Fashion Jewelry/Accessories
12th: Silk/Linen 12th: Pearls/Gems
13th: Lace 13th: Textiles/Furs
14th: Ivory 14th: Gold Jewelry
15th: Crystal 15th: Watches
20th: China 20th: Platinum
25th: Silver 25th: Silver
30th: Pearls 30th: Diamonds
35th: Coral 35th: Jade
40th: Rubies 40th: Rubies
45th: Sapphires 45th: Sapphires
50th: Gold 50th: Gold
55th: Emeralds 55th: Emeralds
60th: Diamonds 60th Diamonds