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Changing Your Name

Not sure if you'll take his name after the wedding? Traditionally, the bride takes the husband's last name after saying 'I do.' Today, however, this custom is no longer standard. If the bride decides not to take her husband's name, there are a few other options the couple may choose.

Options include:

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  • If the husband doesn't like his name, he can change his last name to hers. This is very rare.
  • Wife can keep her name if she has already established a career using her last name and use her husband's last name in social situations.
  • You can each keep your own names.
  • The bride can put a hyphen between her last name and her husband's last name in order to use both names. Or she may use her last name as a middle name.

The decision on the name change should be done before the wedding. The name you choose will appear on the official marriage certificate. If you decide to change your name, you will have to contact the social security office. They will change your name, but your social security number will remain the same. Don't worry about contacting the IRS, they are in contact with the Social Security Agency!

Who to Notify
You should also notify the following people and places of your name change:

Credit Cards Employee Records
Banks Voter Registrations
Deeds Landlord
Titles (car, home) Insurances
Legal Documents (will, etc.) Loan Companies
Schools/Alumni Associations Passport
Dept. of Motor Vehicles Post Office
Doctors/Dental Stocks/Mutual Funds
Telephone Company Friends and Family

Official Name Change Kit
Need help with all the paper work? Consider purchasing the Official New Bride Name Change Kit. It contains all the required government forms, every personal record change form, an instruction guide and checklist. (There's even a separate kit for each state!) For details visit their web site at: www.namechangekit.com