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Something Blue

We've all heard of this old English wedding tradition. We've listed the meaning and some ideas of each part of the rhyme.

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Photo by Stacie Kirkwood Photography

Something Old
Continuity. This represents the link with the bride's family and the past. You can choose to wear a piece of your mother's or grandmother's wedding gown or perhaps a piece of their antique jewelry.

Something New
Optimism and hope. This represents good fortune and much success in the bride's new life. Often the wedding gown is chosen as the new item. If you're wearing your mother's gown, your shoes could be the new item! Or give yourself a good excuse to buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry! Nice lingerie will also be a good choice.

Something Borrowed
Happiness shared from happily married couples. A reminder to the bride that her family and friends will be there for her when help is needed. Choose something that belongs to a loved one. You can borrow your sister's veil or her earrings. Borrow your grandmother's lace handkerchief.

Something Blue
Fidelity, love and purity. This represents faithfulness and loyalty. Most brides choose a blue garter. Don't like that idea? Paint your toenails blue! Or wear sapphire earrings.

A Silver Sixpence in her Shoe
Life of fortune. Make sure you put that sixpence in your shoe for luck!