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Ordering Your Wedding Gown

Finding the perfect dress is just the beginning. We've listed some helpful tips on saving on your wedding dress, ordering your dress, and what you should look for in the wedding gown contract.

Saving on Your Gown
One way to save money on a wedding gown is to buy the gown right of the rack (the sample dress). Of course, you'll have to try it on and make sure it's your size. Another thing you'll have to consider is that you will probably have to get it dry-cleaned before your wedding.

Another way to save is to rent or borrow a gown. Go to a resale or rental store in your area and check out what they have to offer. You may be surprised at what you find!

  RI wedding gown - ordering your wedding gown
Photo by Helene's Bridal Shoppe

Consider buying a white bridesmaid's dress. They are much cheaper than a wedding gown and can be just as beautiful.

ear your mother's wedding gown. You'll probably have to make some alterations and perhaps add some beads or lace, but the costs will be considerably less than buying a new gown.

The simpler the dress (less beading and lace), the less expensive.

Ordering Your Wedding Gown
Here are a few tips you need to know before you purchase your wedding gown:

  • Be sure to find out who the designer of the dress is.
  • Make sure the bridal shop is authorized to sell it.
  • If you find a dress that you absolutely adore but would like a few minor changes (different neckline, sleeves, etc.), would the bridal shop be able to make these changes? If so, how much extra is it going to cost you?
  • Ask the bridal shop how long the dress will take to come in. Will you get it in time if you are ordering it late?
  • Be sure you look at some fabric samples. You'll want to see the exact color that you are ordering (sometimes sample dresses can get worn looking).
  • Use a credit card to purchase your dress. This will protect you in case something goes wrong.
  • Get a written estimate of how much the alterations will be before you buy the dress. Some bridal shops will charge you a flat fee while others will charge you by the work that needs to be done. (Alterations are usually not included in the price of the dress.)
  • Find out if the bridal shop will allow you to borrow your wedding gown for any bridal portraits that you are planning on having done. If so, will they press it and make it look fresh for your wedding day?

The Wedding Gown Contract
Now that you are ready to purchase your dress, you should make sure that the following items are listed on your wedding gown contract:

  • Bridal shops' name, address and telephone number.
  • Your name and contact info.
  • The gown's designer name and style number.
  • Quoted price.
  • The size and color ordered.
  • The amount of the deposit that is required (and paid).
  • Payment information: total cost (including tax) and payment schedule, such as deposit due date and final payment date.
  • Date that the wedding gown will arrive and where to pick it up.
  • Any special requests (such as any changes to the dress that will be made).
  • List the alterations that need to be done and an estimate.
  • Any cancellation or refund policies.

Searching for a wedding shop? Click here for a list of wedding shops.

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