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Protecting Wedding Dress from Stains & Spills

You've chosen the perfect wedding dress! You'll wear it all day for everyone to see. And, maybe, someday it will be worn by your (future) daughter. How can you protect your dress from stains and spills on your special day and keep it fresh looking for that day in the future?


  RI Wedding Dress - Protecting
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After choosing the perfect wedding dress (and probably spending a fortune!), the last thing you want to worry about are any spills or stains on your beautiful dress. So we're giving you a few tips on how to protect your dress from any stains or spills:

  • Be sure to wear a deodorant that is also an antiperspirant. If you know you perspire a lot when you are nervous, consider having shields sewn into the underarms of your wedding dress. This will prevent your dress from getting any perspiration stains.
  • Bring a towel with you so you can drape it over your shoulders when touching up your makeup.
  • If you choose a flower with a strong-colored stamen, ask the florist if the stamens can be removed.
  • Whatever transportation you choose, be sure that it is clean. A professional limousine service will make sure that their limos are clean. However, if you decide to take a friend's car, be sure to spread out a clean white sheet. Don't take any chances!
  • When getting out of the limo, car, etc., be sure to gather up your skirt to keep the hem off the ground. Also, gather up your skirt when walking up the stairs -- you don't want to step on the hem and rip it.
  • Bring a travel iron or steamer and extension cord to quickly take out any wrinkles.
  • Be very careful around food.
  • Be sure to ask the bridal shop for the best way to clean any spills.
  • After you change into your going-away outfit, you'll need something to put your wedding dress in -- bring a garment bag with you.
bridal makeup artistsKeep it clean: If you get nervous easily or are a bit clumsy around food, you may want to ask the reception facility to provide a white table cloth to cover your dress. Have it placed under your chair at the head table before the reception begins;, then after the toast, discreetly cover your lap and bottom portion of your dress. This will 'catch' any items from falling off the table and staining your wedding gown!

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