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Wedding Vendor Contracts

After you have chosen your RI wedding vendor (florist, photographer, DJ, and other RI wedding professionals), you'll want to sign a contract. If the wedding professional you've chosen does not have a contract, you should consider finding another professional. The contract will protect you and vendor from any miscommunications and responsibilities. It should also list all the details that you've discussed.

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The contract should include the following information:

  • The date and time of the wedding
  • The length of their service. When will they start and when will they finish. Be sure that they include setup and breakdown of their equipment.
  • Overtime rate
  • An itemized list of ALL the goods and services that the vendor will be supplying
  • Will backup services be available?
  • Their cancellation policy
  • Exact prices (including tax)
  • Names and phone numbers where you can reach them easily
  • Dress code policy
  • Last dates to make any necessary changes
  • If ordering any items, list the details about the item
  • Delivery times
bridal makeup artistsUse a Credit Card (if possible)! Using a credit card will protect you in the rare case of a mishap. For instance, if the videographer shows up late and misses your walk down the aisle and you can’t seem to negotiate a partial refund for this error. Your credit card company may offer assistance. Send a letter of explanation with copies of any contracts and receipts to your credit card company. They will then contact the vendor. If the credit card company feels the vendor did not follow his obligations according to the contract, they will not release any funds or reverse the charges. If you pay in cash or check, the vendor has your money and you will have to turn to small claims court.

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