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Rhode Island wedding costs
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It may surprise you to learn that the average cost of a Rhode Island wedding was $42,469 in 2013 (CNN/TheKnot.com survey). If this is way out of your budget, you’ll be happy to know that the average cost nationwide is [only] ~ $30K. With many beautiful mansions and venues in Newport, we can only suspect that this is what causes RI to be one of the most expensive states to have a wedding!

No matter your budget, the amount to spend for each aspect of your wedding can be determined by a percentage calculation. Below are example budgets based on the nationwide average and the RI average.

  Percentage Estimated costs for 30,000 budget Estimated costs for $42,000 budget
Reception 49% $14,700 $20,580
Photography 10% $3,000 $4,200
Flowers 8% $2,400 $3,360
Bride's gown (Including Accessories) 7% $2,100 $2,940
Videography 6% $1,800 $2,520
Music 6% $1,800 $2,520
Wedding bands 4% $1,200 $1,680
Invitations 2% $600 $840
Transportation 2% $600 $840
Groom's attire (Including Accessories) 1% $300 $420
Miscellaneous (license, officiant, gratuities, etc) 5% $1,500 $2,100
TOTALS 100% $30,000 $42,000

Now remember, these are just estimated costs and percentages. Perhaps you may spend more in one area and less in another area. You may be able to reduce or even eliminate some of these expenses.

For example, you may be wearing your mother's wedding dress. This will eliminate, or at least reduce, the estimated cost of your bridal gown. The wedding dress of your dreams may be more than your budget allows. If that is the case, ask yourself where your priorities are. Would you rather spend more on your wedding dress and less on your photographs?

Another way to reduce costs is to use flowers that are in season on your wedding day. Obviously if you use flowers that are not in season, it is going to cost you more. Cutting corners in one expense can save you in another. These are just a few examples. You can decide what is best for your budget. Be flexible, if you spend more in one expense, reapportion it to another expense.

Creating a budget with your fiance will probably save you a lot of headaches. Being realistic about costs and actually seeing the numbers written down on paper will help you from spending out of control. The key is to create the wedding of your dreams and stay within your budget!

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