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Congratulations on your engagement! Now it's time to buckle down and plan a budget. Don't be alarmed, but the average cost of a wedding in Rhode Island is $41,000. Now how much your wedding costs you will really depend upon how extravagant you want it. Will you invite just close family or friends or will you be inviting co-workers and acquaintances too?

The biggest portion of your budget will be put into the reception - a whopping 49% of your budget! For more information on where your hard-earned cash will be going, some great money saving ideas, tips on vendor contracts, etc. check out the articles below.

Helpful Wedding Info:
Rhode Island wedding costs
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Average Wedding Costs: reality check: what to expect for an RI wedding.
Saving for a Wedding: discover how much to save and how to save.
Who Pays for What: a traditional list of who pays for what wedding services.
Lavish or Low key?: tips on deciding if your wedding will be formal or casual.
Inexpensive Ideas: 11 memorable, yet inexpensive, ideas for your wedding.
High-end Weddings for Less: look of high-end for the fraction of the price.
Vendor Contracts: crucial details on what to include in every contract.
Tipping: guidelines on who to tip, when to tip and how much to tip.

More Wedding Info:

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