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The Beauty of Dance:

It’s Much More than Not Being Embarrassed

Article by Studio 665

While planning for the big day, many people forget one of the first acts of their married life, the first dance. A shocking number of brides and grooms run to their local dance studio for last minute dance lessons that serve one purpose and one purpose only: to avoid complete embarrassment. Images of you at your reception swaying from foot to foot with your newlywed, trying not to step on each other for five minutes while your guests stare at you run through your mind. Not only is this nerve wracking for those of us who do not consider ourselves good dancers, but these images can turn a special moment into a stressful ordeal.

But it should be a special moment. The first dance is not meant to be a moment of horror, but rather a moment of unity. Dancing also helps you to learn skills which are critical for any relationship, such as communication, taking time to just be together, and learning to express yourselves as a couple.

Courtesy of Studio 665

Communicating through Dance
As instructors, when a couple first takes to the floor we often see a lack of communication. Whichever member of the couple considers themselves the stronger dancer (let’s face it, usually the lady) spins and moves as they think they should without waiting for their partner. What these couples learn, however, is that good dancing depends on communication. The leader needs to direct his partner with his arms and body so that the follower knows where to step, when to turn, and how far they can go. Without clear communication to provide an understanding between the leader and the follower, a dance will never flow as it is supposed to. In this way, learning to dance teaches couples an important lesson which is a key ingredient to a long and happy marriage!

Let it Be
Preparing for your wedding can be hectic and crazy. When you are choosing florists, selecting outfits, and finding a venue, it is easy to become buried in the details. Dancing gives you and your future spouse time to be together and to focus on each other. You can have fun and take a break from the logistics by trying something new and fun. Learning to dance for your wedding can also be a family affair. Taking lessons as a group gives you an opportunity to spend fun, quality time with your parents, your future in-laws, or the friends and relatives who will be in your bridal party. Dancing allows you to get back to the basics- the personal connections which have made you who you are and have brought you to your wedding day.

Give Your Wedding Personality
Every wedding couple wants to make their wedding unique because it is their special day. However, being unique often comes at a price. Most of the time, life gets in the way of having the time to make your own, chic table arrangements or order that extra-special and unusual hors d’oeuvres. Yet a more emotional and memorable impact can be made by expressing yourselves on the dance floor. You have the power to make your guests laugh at the antics of you and your wedding party as you groove down the aisle, cry at your romantic first dance, or simply stand in awe of your amazing skills. Whether your first dance is tear-worthy or youtube-worthy, a few steps can make your wedding the talk of the town. This is your time to express yourselves and show everyone what your wedding day means to you.

Learning to dance can enhance your life as a couple, your experience preparing for your wedding, and the big day itself. Express your joy at being together and have fun doing it. Dancing, like marriage, is one of those wonderful things that people enjoy together for the rest of their lives. So be sure to have fun, be expressive, and be confident and never feel embarrassed.

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