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Throwing the Bouquet...or Not

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Nowadays, it seems as though many brides are no longer opting to throw the bouquet. We've heard from several that state they would prefer to do something special and unique with the bouquet.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Present the bouquet to a special friend or relative (such as your maid of honor, grandparents, Godparents).
  • Present the bouquet to the couple that has been married the longest. They'll be honored to be recognized!
  • Have your florist make up a bouquet of individual stems tied up with ribbon and give each single woman a flower.

Traditionally, the bride throws a replica of her bouquet. She does not throw the bouquet that she walked down the aisle with. Most brides like to preserve their bouquets.

How to Toss the Garter

Step 1: Bridal Bouquet Toss
All the single ladies will join the bride on the dance floor where she’ll put her back to the girls and toss the bouquet. The girl that catches the bouquet is thought to be the next to marry. Tip: toss a smaller version of your wedding bouquet. This keeps your actual bouquet in your possession and available to preserve, if you wish.

Step 2: Throwing the Garter
The bride will sit in the center of the dance floor with her charming groom at her feet. Depending on the groom, things can get heated up rather quickly or things can remain tasteful. The groom will remove the garter however he chooses from the bride’s right leg. After retrieving, the bride leaves the dance floor while the single men join the groom on the dance floor. The groom then flings the garter. The man that catches the garter is thought to be the next to marry. Tip: opt for two garters - one tossing garter and one keepsake garter. Both are worn during the reception on the right leg, but during the event, the groom removes just the tossing garter. The other is kept on for after the wedding!

Step 3: Put Garter On (optional)
Some brides choose to leave this step out as the thought of placing their garter on another woman is offensive! The single lady that caught the bouquet and the single male that caught the garter are then brought up to the dance floor. The single man will then place the garter on the single lady.

Step 4: Dance
The single couple will share a dance.

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