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RI Wedding Reception Flowers

RI wedding flowers
Photo by Tamara Reid Designs

Just as with the wedding ceremony, wedding flowers are used to personalize a reception site. Flowers can be used to transform a plain room into a romantic chamber. A great Rhode Island florist can help you with ideas to make your reception amazing.

Wedding Flower Centerpieces
Wedding centerpieces are placed on the guest tables and on the head table. The head table's arrangement is usually a bit larger than the guest tables. Some ideas for centerpieces are:

  • Vase of tea roses
  • Hurricane lamp surrounded by flowers
  • Glass dish with a floating candle, surrounded by flowers
  • Flower arrangement with wedding colors
  • A bouquet of balloons
  • Topiaries (see topiaries for instructions)
  • Use candles that have dried flowers inside the wax for the centerpieces.

Prior to the wedding, you should decide what will happen to the centerpieces after the wedding reception. You may decide to give them to specific guests or to randomly select a guest from each table.

Other Flower Considerations
Not only can flowers be used to decorate the head table, entranceway to the reception or as centerpieces but they can also be used in many other ways such as:

  • The wedding cake may be displayed with a ring of flowers surrounding it or you can use real flower petals to decorate your wedding cake.
  • Decorate the gift table, guest book table and champagne table with a nice arrangement of flowers.
  • Place a flower arrangement in the ladies room.
  • You can use edible flowers in some beverages (such as lemonade, punch or iced tea).
  • Have pressed flowers placed under a sheer tablecloth.
  • Give a small potted plant to each guest as a favor.
  • The bride may choose to wear flowers in her hair.

Print a flower checklist to ensure you don't forget any arrangements!