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by Jeri Solomon, Jeri Solomon Floral Design

So, you're planning your wedding! It's an exciting time, but did you ever think there would be so many decisions to make? An important element of your wedding day will be the flowers. Like with so many other parts of the wedding, you will have choices to make regarding the floral designs; from who will create them to what bud your groom will wear as a boutonniere. Here are some tips to assist you with some of your decisions.

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Start looking for a florist as soon as you have chosen your ceremony, reception site and color scheme for your bridal party. It is possible to start the process before you have these pieces, but the florist will not be able to make appropriate suggestions without this information. In addition to using the Online Wedding Guide, a good way to find a reputable florist is to ask people for recommendations. Many of the vendors you've already hired, such as photographers and caterers, may have suggestions. Function sites will often have lists of their "preferred vendors." After all, they work with floral designers at every wedding.

You may hire a flower shop or a floral design studio to create your wedding flowers. Many floral studios specialize in weddings. Whomever you hire you want to make sure that they specialize in weddings. When you interview designers, ask them how many weddings they do each year. There are so many details to a wedding and you want to be assured that the designer you hire is very knowledgeable in those details. Most of the time you will meet with a floral designer for a consultation. Make sure that the person you are meeting with is the person who will be overseeing your wedding. If you meet with one person and another oversees the production of your arrangements there is room for miscommunication. Choose a designer whom you are comfortable with and whom you trust. You will have a relationship with that person for many months during the planning stages and you want to be confident that that professional listens to and understands you.

You may not know the names of flowers, but you know what you like and dislike. Before you meet with your potential floral designer, look through some magazines to see if there are styles of arrangements you enjoy. Bridal magazines have pictures of bouquets. Home and garden magazines often have pretty table arrangements and magazines featuring celebrity weddings always have great pictures. A search online can also produce many photos. Cut or print out pictures and bring them to the consultation. A great exercise to do before you meet with a florist is to think of some adjectives to describe your personal style and the type of wedding you want. Words like dramatic, romantic, elegant, whimsical, gardeny, fun and simple all conjure up different ideas. Those ideas will help the floral designer choose the best varieties of flowers to create the look you want for your day. A good designer will also consider the decor of the reception site and the style of dresses in making the arrangements so that each element is a cohesive part of the whole event.

Of course, flowers are just one piece of the wedding. Deciding how much of a priority they are for you will help you figure out how much to spend on them. Remember, the more guests you have, the more tables that need centerpieces and the more bride's maids you have means more bouquets. All this adds to the bottom line. Before you even schedule a consultation with a floral designer, do some research. Ask them their price ranges and make sure they correspond with your budget.

About the Author
Jeri Solomon is owner of Jeri Solomon Floral Design, a special events studio in Melrose, Massachusetts. Since starting her business in 1994, she has created custom flower arrangements for countless weddings. Her mission is to expresses each couple's vision of the perfect wedding day by combining creativity, attention to detail and service. She is committed to making flower planning fun and stress free.

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