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Gorgeous Suit & Tux Options for The Groom

Remember the days when the only choice for a tuxedo was a black tuxedo? While a black tuxedo is still a perfectly stylish option for a Groom’s wedding day, it’s so refreshing to see so many varied choices in both color and style. John Ricci of Delux Tux in Walpole and Franklin tells us, “The big trend in tuxes (and suits) today is colors other than black.”

Let’s have a look!

Shades of Grey
Rhode Island Gray Tuxedos

We’re loving the trend of the gray suit for a Groom. Lighter suits are perfect for a man who wants to look dapper in the Spring and Summer months. Deeper grays are lovely for cooler months and night time weddings. Color, whether in the grooms tie or boutonniere really “pop” when set against this color.

Credits: ArtImage by Sam Chinigo, OGGI Photo
Deep Blue Hues
Rhode Island Navy Tuxedos

Navy is a huge hit with Grooms as well as Brides.  This color suit has been popping up on the Hollywood Red Carpet for the last few years so it lends itself to a more elegant feel.  This would be a terrific suit to wear during colder months or for a night time wedding.

Credits: Stacie Kirkwood Photography,The Merry Bride, OGGI Photo
The Great Outdoors
Tan Tuxedos - Rhode Island

Tan suits are so perfect for a beach or garden wedding!  “A tan, light weight suit is perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding.  A groom can wear it with a vest to make it a bit more formal,” says John Ricci of Delux Tux.  

Credits: OGGI Photo (image 1 & 2), Delux Tux
Pops of Color, Suspenders & Vests
Rhode Island Wedding Tuxedos

For the one who truly wants to express individual style, there are a number of ways.  Incorporate color in boutonniere, vest or suspenders; opt to mix it up by adding contrasting colors or prints to tie or dress shirt. A groom can easily start with a suit rental and build from there!

A Twist on a Classic
Classic RI Tuxedos

Lots of Grooms love black on their wedding day because it will always be a classic, timeless look.  A great way to switch things up is to try something a little different.

No matter which color you choose, it’s great to know a few added touches of color or texture can really make you stand out on your wedding day!

Check out our Groom Tuxedos and Apparel Accessories on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Tips on selecting a style that compliments his body type.

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