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After the bridal party and newly married couple have made their grand entrance into the reception and everyone is seated with champagne to toast with, the best man traditionally leads the toasting.

During the wedding toast, the couple remain seated while all the guests stand. The best man can start his toast by saying how and where he met the groom. He can talk a little about old times. Adding a little humor will ease his nerves a bit. At the end of the toast, the best man raises his glass and toasts to the bride and groom. The guests will then raise their glasses and join in the toast.

The couple can then make a toast to thank their parents, family and friends for sharing this special day with them. Thank your parents for their help and support in planning your wedding. Thank the wedding party for all they've done in making your day special. If the groom wishes to toast his new bride, she remains seated while the groom and the guests remain standing. If the bride wishes to toast her new husband, the groom remains seated while the bride and all the guests remain standing.

Then the parents, wedding party or any relatives can toast the bride and groom if they wish to do so. After they have all shared their special thoughts, your friends can share a favorite memory with all your guests.

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