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Article by Classic Tuxedo

Formal fashion. What exactly does that mean? For women, it means a gown or cocktail dress. For men, it means black tie or tuxedo. Most grooms and the men in their weddings dress formally for their weddings but few are familiar with "tuxedo terms." So to keep you in the know, the experts at Classic Tuxedo have put together an A to Z guide.

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A Ascot: A scarf or necktie knotted so that its broad ends are laid flat upon each other.
B Bow Tie: A short tie shaped like a bow. Most have an adjustable band that wraps around the collar of the shirt and connects with a clasp.
C Cummerbund: A silk or satin sash worn at the waist and covering the trouser's waistband. and
Cutaway: The traditional morning coat. Usually dark grey, the coat is of tailcoat length yet buttons in the front and angles back to the tail.
D Double Breasted: Coats with two rows of buttons in the front.
E Ellis: As in, Perry. Fashion designer with a line of fashionable products including tuxedos.
F French Cuff: Shirt cuffs that are doubled over and worn with cuff links. Most formal.
G Givenchy: Hubert de Givenchy opened his House of Givenchy in 1952 and lends his name and refined style to his tuxedo collection.
H Hosiery: Silk dress socks worn with a tuxedo. Color should match trousers.
I Inseam: Obtained by measuring from the pant crotch seam to where the pants should fall on the shoe.
J Jewelry: Studs and matching cuff links.
K Kodak Moment: The "black tie" bridal party will give you a picture perfect look.
L Lapel: The prominent distinction of various retail tuxedos. The fold of the material framing the shirt area in the front of the coat. Usually accented with a different fabric from the coat. and
Lay Down Collar: A regular fold over style collar found on most men's dress shirts.
M Multi-Button Single Breasted: Ultra-popular high-buttoning tuxedo coats.
N Notch Lapel: A symmetrical "v" in the lapel where it meets the top collar. A trendy look.
O Outseam: Obtained by beginning at the top of the waistline and bringing the tape down to where the pant should fall on the shoe.
P Peak Lapel: A lapel that points upward and extends beyond the top collar. Most traditional. and
Pique: Birds eye fabric in white cotton or blend used for accessories and worn with full dress. and
Pocket Square: A fancy handkerchief worn with points up in breast pocket of tuxedo coat.
Q Quality: What to look for when selecting a formalwear retailer quality service and product.
R Regular Coat: Suit coat length. Coat should end at the second knuckle.
S Single Breasted: Most tuxedo coats, one front button, most traditional styling.
T Tail Coat or Full Dress Tails: High-formal tuxedo with long tail in back.
U Usher: Groomsmen who escort female wedding guests to their seats.
V Vest: Worn in place of a cummerbund. Available in fullback or adjustable at the neck and waist.
W Windsor Tie: Also called a 4-in-hand-tie, used with a vest as an alternative to the bow tie.
X eXtraordinary: How the men will look in their tuxedos.
Y Yves Saint Laurent: His tuxedo for women became a fashion landmark. Later, leant his name to a ready-to-wear- men's designer tuxedo line.
Z Zoot Suit: Swinging style from the 20's & 30's. The zoot suit tuxedo has a black and white chalk striped coat. Can be worn with a fedora.

So there are the ABC's of men's tuxedos. Know them. Use them. Become a style setter and have a passion for formal fashions. You'll look marvelous!

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