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Choosing the Perfect Tuxedo

Choosing the style tuxedo that best fits your groom can be difficult! Like brides, grooms come in many shapes and sizes. What looks good on one groom, may not on another.

Not sure which style will look best on your groom? We've listed various body types and what tuxedo or suit will look best for that particular body type. Have your groom try on more than one style to see what makes him feel most comfortable.

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Tall & Thin:
The tall and thin groom can wear just about anything (we're talking about tuxedos and suits here!). He can wear just about any color and style. If the groom is very thin, he can try a double-breasted jacket. This will give him a little extra padding in the chest area. If you want to look broader in the shoulders, ask for more padding in the shoulders. A pleated shirt will also look great on a very thin groom.

Short & Thin:
A short and thin groom should NOT wear double-breasted jackets. He'll end up looking lost in it! A three-button jacket with pleated trousers or tuxedo pants is a great look for that short and thin groom.

Tall & Broad:
The tall and broad groom should also stay away from the double-breasted jackets. It will just make him look more husky. He should also avoid pleated shirts. Also, if he's had one to many brewskies, he should wear a vest rather than a cummerbund (the cummerbund will draw attention to his waistline and the vest will hide it).

Short & Broad:
The short and broad groom should wear a single-breasted jacket. A one-button or two-button jacket that closes near his waistline is a perfect choice. Once again, if he has a large waistline, he should wear a vest rather than a cummerbund. Padded shoulders will also draw the attention away from the waistline up to the shoulders.

Most importantly, the groom should be comfortable in his tuxedo! His jacket should fit comfortably around his neck and shoulders and should button easily. When the groom tries on his tux or suit, he should try sitting with the jacket buttoned to make sure it still fits comfortably.

The groom's shirt should also fit comfortably around his neck, shoulders and waist. His cuffs should be one-quarter to one-half inch below his jacket sleeve.

If he chooses to wear a vest, it should fall just over the trousers waistband. Vests usually have a slide strap to adjust it to their waistline. It should fit comfortably across the chest and the buttons should line up to the front of his jacket.

The groom's trousers should button comfortably - you don't want to pop a button when you sit down! Many trousers have waistbands that are adjustable. The hem of the trousers should come just over his shoe tops.

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