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Rhode Island honeymoon
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The following is a list of who, when and how much to tip while you're on your honeymoon:

  • Sky Caps: A sky cap is the person who takes your luggage from the curbside and brings it to the appropriate baggage cart. They prevent you from having to stand in the line at the airport so you can check in your baggage. With airlines charging for checked bags and kiosks available for checking luggage, there is less of a wait for checking and the need for a sky cap is often not needed. Suggested tip is $2 per bag.
  • Taxi Drivers: You should tip a taxi driver a minimum of 15% of the cab's fare. If he puts your luggage in the trunk, you should include an extra $1-$2.
  • Bellboys: $1 per bag – but a minimum of $2. IE: $2 for 1 bag; $2 for 2 bags; $3 for 3 bags, etc.
  • Restaurant Waiters: You should tip a waiter approximately 15% of the meal price (don't include the tax). However, if you feel that they gave you great service, tip them 20%. If you feel that they just gave you satisfactory service, tip them 10%.
  • Chambermaid: $2.00 per day, more if it was exceptional service.
  • Cruise Personnel: You can ask your travel agent for the guidelines on tipping. However, most cruise lines will inform you of the appropriate tip amount. The cabin steward and table steward usually receive about $3-$5 each per day. You can also tip other cruise personnel such as the dining room captain, deck captain, and recreation director.

Just remember that tipping is paid to people who give you good service. If you feel that you received poor service, then complain to the management and tip accordingly.

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