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By Christina Friedrichsen, Author of Intimate Weddings: Planning a Small Wedding that Fits Your Budget and Style, www.intimate-weddings.com

The garb: For some couples it's the top priority; for others, it's just another item on the wedding checklist. Regardless of your perspective, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start shopping for duds.

Eight Influences on What You Wear
Budget: How much do you want to spend on your attire? Generally, wedding planners say you should allot about 11 percent of your budget for attire, but not everyone follows this estimate. Plenty of brides have found wedding dresses off the rack at department stores or online at eBay (www.ebay.com) for less than two hundred bucks. (See page 35 for more information on saving money on attire.)

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Style: What type of wedding are you planning? For a formal church wedding, an elegant full-length satin bridal gown - complete with sequins and a train and a tuxedo with tails might be appropriate. However, for a casual candlelit ceremony at a bed-and-breakfast, a more simple bride's dress and khakis paired with a white dress shirt might be better.

Self-Expression: Who says brides have to wear white? If you're the unconventional type, you might choose clothing that expresses your free spirit maybe a red dress, a lush purple velvet gown, or a sundress. Grooms can be a bit daring, too, perhaps with a pink shirt or a funky tie.

Time Frame: If your wedding attire is important to you, start shopping early. Give yourself a chance to try on lots of clothes. If you have to order a wedding dress or tuxedo, you won't be in a time crunch.

Place: The most obvious place to shop for a wedding dress is at a local bridal store. A more adventurous option is to shop online.

Accessories: Accessories can be a downright crucial component to your wedding ensemble. If you are looking for variety or you just want to save money try shopping online.

Attendants: Thankfully, couples now have plenty of options these days when it comes to dressing their attendants. Gone are the days when it was absolutely necessary for the bridesmaids to wear identical dresses and matching dyed shoes. Now, the rules are more flexible. You can have the bridesmaids do the following:

  • wear identical dresses
  • wear dresses in the same color and fabric, but let each bridesmaid choose the style of dress that suits her best
  • wear dresses in the same color, but in the fabrics and styles they individually choose
  • wear whatever they want - they will love you more than they already do

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