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Has the thought of being the center of attention got you frazzled? Are you dreading dishing out over $20,000 on one day? Then consider an intimate wedding of less than 100 guests. By inviting your closet friends and family, you have the option of saving big bucks OR having an extravagant wedding on a budget for 200!

Christina Friedrichsen, author of Intimate Weddings: Planning a Small Wedding that Fits Your Budget and Style has contributed several articles to help ease the pain of planning and have that perfect, intimate wedding. With stories and wisdom from real-life couples, each article offers practical advice on getting family and friends involved in your wedding, suggestions about personalizing, and creative ideas for venues.

Photo by Stacie Kirkwood

Intimate Weddings:

Reasons for a Small Wedding: why bigger isn't always better!
Home Weddings: home weddings can be the perfect spot for an intimate wedding.
Outdoor Wedding: don't get washed away - ideas for the perfect outdoor location.
The Perfect Location: is it for you? Ideas for the perfect outdoor location.
Head Table Options: an intimate wedding calls for an alternative to the standard head table.
Personalizing: create a wedding that reflects both of your personalities.
Choosing Attendants: tips on selecting attendants for an intimate wedding.

Intimate Weddings: Planning a Small Wedding that Fits Your Budget and Style by Christina Friedrichsen speaks to couples who are part of this growing trend. Friedrichsen's book, which is the only book on the topic of small weddings, dispels the belief that a wedding has to be big and white to be grand. It lets brides know that a wedding doesn't have to cost $22,000 to be amazing. It helps couples realize that the guest list doesn't have to include second cousins and great aunts that haven't visited the couple within the past year, co-workers that are never seen after work hours, or acquaintances that are invited only out of a sense of obligation. Visit www.intimate-weddings.com for more information.