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Assembling Your Wedding Invitations

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We've received lots of emails asking us how to assemble wedding invitations, so here is the proper way to "stuff" the envelopes for your wedding invitations:
  • The response card will go in its' own envelope.
  • Place tissue paper over the invitation (to ensure against any smudging).
  • Place the invitation in the ungummed inside envelope.  Be sure that the fold-side is down and face-side is toward the flap.
  • All other enclosures are placed inside that envelope on top of the invitation.
  • Place the inside envelope in the outer mailing envelope.
  • Be sure it is face-side toward the flap.

Addressing and Mailing Wedding Invitations
Your wedding invitations should be addressed by hand using black or blue ink. Some brides address their invitations using the theme color of the wedding.

  • Common titles such as Mr., Mrs., and Ms. can be abbreviated.
  • Formal titles such as Doctor, Reverend, and Captain should
  • If you are sending an invitation to a teenager, be sure to put a title before their name (Miss, Mr.).
  • If you are sending an invitation to a guest and their children, do not put the children's names on the outer envelope. Address it to the parents and include the children's names on the inner envelope. Their name should be listed below the parents' names on the inner envelope.
  • Be sure to also include the street address and zip codes on the outer envelope. The street name and state should be spelled out.

You should mail your invitations six to eight weeks before your wedding. If your wedding is taking place during a busy time of the year (such as Christmas or a three-day weekend), you should mail your invitations ten to twelve weeks before the big day. This will give your guests ample time to plan their holidays and weekends around your wedding day.

Also, if you are having a destination wedding, you should definitely mail your wedding invitations early. A good time would be about ten to twelve weeks before the wedding. You want your guests to be able to make their travel plans in order to attend your wedding. Not only will they have to make travel plans, but they will also have to make sure that they have vacation time off from work.

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