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Parts of a Wedding Invitation

There are many parts that will be "stuffed" inside the envelope of the actual invitation. Are all these cards necessary? That depends on the formality of the invitation: Formal or Contemporary. Unsure which is right for you? Trust a professional stationer to assist you - their time and knowledge is well worth the investment!

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To help assist you with the knowledge of the wedding invitation, we've listed inserts that may be needed for your invitation.

Reception Cards
In your invitation you may enclose a separate enclosure inviting your guests to the reception. The reception card states the time, date and place of the reception. However, if the guests are invited to both the ceremony and the reception, you could invite the guests to the reception at the bottom of the ceremony invitation.

Separate Reception Card :

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Andrew Jones
request the pleasure of your company
Sunday, the first of March
at six o’clock
Providence Country Club
Forty-two Willow Road
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Reception Card is Included with Invitation (text would appear below the ceremony details of the invitation. See Formal Invitations for more details):

immediately following the ceremony
Providence Country Club
Forty-two Willow Road
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Response Cards
Wedding invitations include response cards as a convenience to their guests. The guests simply fill in their name and let you know how many guests will or will not be attending. Then they mail it back to you or the host in the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The last day for your guests to respond should be two to four weeks before the wedding. This will give you enough time to contact the guests who have not responded and to get a final head count for your caterer.


Please respond on or before
January 1, 2014
Number of Person _____

You should include a map to both the ceremony and the reception even if they are well known. To make it easy to read, just simply trace over a city map. Be sure to include major highways, streets and any major landmarks.

You may also want to write out the directions. This will come in handy for those guests who have a hard time reading maps. Make sure you give directions for guests coming in various directions.

If you need driving directions to your ceremony or reception site try using Mapquest to create them. Be sure to double check your directions by actually traveling the route.

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