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Proofreading Your Wedding Invitations

You must proofread your invitations twice - before ordering and before picking up from your wedding stationer. Be sure to proofread very carefully. Have you and your fiance both meticulously read the wedding invitation prior to placing the order; and then consider bringing a friend or your fiance when picking up from your stationer so they can double-check for any errors.

Below are a few things you should be sure to proofread:

Wedding Invitation from Scribe
  • Make sure all the names are spelled correctly
  • Be sure the times and dates are correct
  • Check the addresses and directions
  • Be sure there are periods after each abbreviation
  • Make sure the card size, style, color and any designs are correct
  • Check to be sure that all the lines end at the appropriate spaces
  • Be sure all the numbers are spelled out
  • Make sure the words "honour" and "o'clock" are spelled out
  • Here's a tricky one:  make sure that the day of the week corresponds with the date
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