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Saving on Wedding Invitations

Weddings can add up quickly but there are ways to have that elegant wedding without overspending. Saving on your wedding invitations can be as easy as saving on postage! Discover how the size and shape of your invitation counts, plus find a more helpful tips to get the perfect invitation without breaking your wallet!

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  • Choose a traditional-style invitation. This is a single-fold white or ivory invitation with black ink. It looks like a high-quality invitation, however, many companies make them with inexpensive, yet substantial looking paper.
  • Have your invitations thermographed instead of engraved. Thermography is less expensive than engraving (often one-third to one-half the price!).
  • Stay away from those oversized invitations. These invitations cost more. Also, the added weight means extra postage. The cost for postage is $.45 for the first ounce and $.20 for each additional ounce.  Square invitations also require an additional $.20 in postage.
  • Buy your invitations locally. If you order them by mail, you will have to factor in the shipping, handling and insurance charges.
  • Heavy paper stock, envelope liners and any extra inserts and decorations will add weight - which, once again, means extra postage.
  • Be sure to compare prices. If you find an invitation that you like, find out who the manufacturer is. Chances are you'll find the same invitation in several different catalogs but printed by the same manufacturer at different prices. The manufacturer sets a suggested retail price and gives the dealer a choice of markup. Therefore, if you shop around, you can get the best prices.
  • If you're crafty, why not make your own invitations? Go to your local craft store and get some ideas. Or search on the web for some wonderful and unique ideas.
  • Make sure you order extra invitations and envelopes in case you have some last minute guests you would like to invite. It's also a good idea to have a few extra in case you make a mistake while addressing the envelopes. It will cost you more if you need to order them later.

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