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As the wedding plans begin to unfold, so will the long discussions (and arguments) of money! For some couples, one partner may step into the role and handle it all. For others, it can be a constant battle for control. Educating yourself on the many financial decisions that will cross your paths both before and after your wedding is the best way to keep your finances and relationship in tact.

Check out the articles below to get started on the right financial path. Be sure to share them with your partner so you are both on the right page when it comes to your finances:

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Financial Articles:

For Love & Money: a merging of the minds can help with the stress of your finances.
Marriage & Taxes: saying "I Do" to understanding taxes: Should we file jointly or separately?
Financial Partnerships: how to marry financial assets & liabilities to determine net worth.
Purchasing a Home: buying a home is a smart financial decision for the two of you.

More Financial Info

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