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Suggested Wedding Photos

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Photo by OGGI Photo

Experienced wedding photographers will review a list of standard photographs with you to determine which photos you'd like to have of your wedding day. We've listed some wedding photos that most wedding photographers consider to be standard shots.

Prior to the Wedding Ceremony

Bride alone Groom alone
Bride getting ready Groom with mother
Bride putting garter on Groom with father
Bride with mother Groom with both parents
Bride with father Groom with best man
Bride with both parents Groom with groomsmen
Bride with maid of honor Groom, groomsmen & boutonnieres
Bride with bridesmaids Groom checking watch
Bride leaving Groom leaving

Wedding Ceremony

Guests arriving Exchanging vows
Bride getting out of car Exchanging rings
Groomsmen seating guests Kissing
Parents being seated Announcement of marriage
Flower girl & ring bearer Bride and groom down aisle
Groom & groomsmen at altar Recessional
Bridesmaids down aisle Bride & groom w/ guests
Bride down aisle Bride & groom leaving in car
Bride meeting groom

Posed Wedding Photos

Bride & groom with both families together
with best man & maid of honor with officiant
with wedding party with children
with bride's parents Groom with groomsmen
with groom's parents Bride with bridesmaids
with bride's family Rings
with groom's family Bridal bouquet

Wedding Reception

Getting out of car Cake cutting
Entering reception Guest tables
Receiving line Special guests
First dance Kissing
Bride dancing w/ father The band
Groom dancing with mother Throwing bouquet
Wedding party dancing Removing garter
Head table Throwing garter
Best man's toast Last dance

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