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RI wedding photos
Photo by B.K. Angeletti Photography

Here's a list of photo tips to help ensure you get the photos you want from your RI photographer.

Remember, the most important thing is to communicate with your photographer. Make sure they know what photos are important to you.

Choose a Style of Photography
There are two main styles of wedding photography: traditional and candid. The traditional photographer will direct all the action and tell you how, when and where to pose. He spends the time arranging backdrops and knows how to bring out the best in the subject. The candid photographer will capture the moments as they happen. These photos show the true story with unrehearsed reactions and emotions of the couple, families and friends. Most couples prefer both styles of photography in their wedding albums. So be sure the photographer you choose can do both styles.

Booking the Photographer
The best RI Photographers tend to be booked months (even years) in advance so be sure to book the photographer as soon as possible.

Engagement Picture
A good way for you and your photographer to get to know each other better is to have your engagement picture taken a few months before your wedding. It will get you accustomed to working with the photographer which, in turn, will allow you to be more comfortable with each other on your wedding day. If you plan on sending your wedding announcement to the newspaper, be sure the photograph is a black and white glossy.

Prepare a List of Photos
By composing a list in advance of all the photos that you would like the photographer to take, you can save time and minimize a lot of chaos. This will also ensure that the photographer will take the photos that are especially important to you. Also decide when and where you want the photos taken. Not sure where to begin? Check out our list of suggested photographs.

Prepare a List of Names
It would be helpful to the photographer if he had a list of names and schedule of events that you would like photographed. You can designate a friend or relative who knows all the people and can help the photographer identify them.

Take Photographs before the Ceremony
If you are not afraid of breaking tradition, have your photos that include the bride and groom and their families taken before the wedding ceremony. This will free up some time to enjoy the reception.

Pictures at Home
If you are having your pictures taken at home, have the house prepared before the photographer gets there. Remove any distracting props. You want a background that is not distracting.

Hair and Makeup
The bride’s hair should complement the gown and headpiece. Be sure to go to your hairstylist a few months beforehand to get an idea of how you want your hair styled for your wedding. The bride’s makeup should be natural, perhaps a little darker around the eyes. Find tips to enhance your beauty on this special day

Send Photos with your Thank You Notes
Some couples choose to put disposable cameras on their guests’ tables. After developing them, choose your favorite photos and send them with your thank you notes to your friends and families.

Preserving Your Memories
Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life! You'll want to capture every moment on film so you'll be able to enjoy those precious moments in years to come. Here are a few helpful tips and suggestions for storing your photographs and videos:

  • Make sure that you store your photos and DVDs away from direct sunlight. This storage space should also maintain a moderate temperature with low humidity.
  • Store a duplicate DVD and your photo negatives in a fireproof box made.
  • Store your DVDs away from any electronic equipment.

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