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Ten Things your Wedding Photographer Might Not Tell You…

Image & Article by Kristin Griffin Photography

With all the details you’re planning for your wedding, you might not have a chance to sit down with your photographer beyond the engagement session and contract signing. Here are a few things your photographer wants you to know!


1. (Most) would love to help you plan your wedding day schedule. You might feel like you are imposing, but we shoot weddings just about every weekend! WeI can warn you about some of the pitfalls, and a tight schedule is one of the biggest. If you don't plan in extra time for travel and traffic, hair and makeup, etc, it cuts into our photo time. You'll feel far less stressed if you leave plenty of time for unexpected events on wedding day.
2. If you're getting ready at home, please clean up a little. Clear away clutter on tables, your dresser, the floor, etc, even if it means stuffing things into a closet. Extra stuff in your pictures takes attention away from the people in your photographs.
3. If you're getting ready in a hotel, call the front desk and request a housekeeping visit about an hour before we arrive. Your bed will be remade and we can display your gown, shoes, rings on a smooth surface, instead of rumpled sheets. Take a few moments before we arrive to stash suitcases and extra items in the closet or bathroom. Even a small hotel room can feel spacious if it's clean and clutter-free.
4. We can't stress enough the importance of makeup and hair trials. If you are planning to DIY, please test ahead of time, perhaps the day of your engagement session. You need to know how long hair and makeup will take, and you want to make sure that your choices photograph well. This is especially important if you don't wear makeup everyday, or have a simple style. Use hairspray liberally to control flyaways, and ask your makeup artist if you can purchase the lipstick and finishing powder for touchups throughout the day.
5. We'll ask you to pose in ways that you might not think will look good. Trust us - it's our job to make you look beautiful in your photographs! We don't always want you to look at us and smile. Forced smiles can look stiff. If you're nervous, try looking at your fiancé instead of the camera.
6. Before your wedding day, please share the first names of important people in your life with your photographer. Once the bar opens, it gets much harder to find specific guests for photographs, and knowing first names can be priceless. It also makes the wedding day experience better for you and your guests when we can get to know each other. We're not trying to pry into your family's affairs, but if there are divorces or remarriages in your immediate family, we would like to know how you want us to handle posing. If everyone gets along - great! If not, we can be discreet about posing people in groups so there's no unnecessary drama.
7. Wedding days are long for everyone. Be sure to take time to breathe, relax, eat & drink water. Your photographer will take short breaks during downtimes to stay alert and ready for any moment. If you're worried about us missing any part of your wedding day, please ask about bringing along a second photographer. We can alternate so that someone is always present with you, plus you'll get two perspectives at the ceremony!
8. You should love your “rain plan” just as much as your “plan A.”  If you don't, it can put a damper on your special day. Many reception venues have beautiful indoor options – make sure you like the background of the “photo rooms”.  Or, look into tents, venues with overhangs or covered porches, sweeping staircases, etc. Overcast days give us some of the most flattering light - so don't despair if a few clouds show up!
9. Lighting can make all the difference in the ambiance of your venue. Ask your weddng DJ about uplighting or custom monograms. Talk to the reception coordinator about lanterns, candles or fairy lights. If you're concerned about the venue, the lighting or the formal photograph locations, please ask your photographer for a site visit.
10. I know you've probably seen photographs of your friend's wedding on facebook, of the royal wedding in the news, or of weddings in bridal magazines that you love. Please share some of these ideas with me, so I can get a sense of your tastes and style. Trust me to shoot new ideas you might not have seen or thought of before, but I want to know your “must have” shots, so I can capture your wedding vision!
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