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Children at the Reception

If children are invited to the reception, you'll want to be sure that they are kept entertained - this way not only will the children have fun, but their parents will be able to enjoy themselves, too!

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Here are a few suggestions to keep the little ones busy:

  • Have a kid's food bar. Load it with chicken nuggets, french fries, hamburgers and hotdogs, mini pizzas, etc. Feature a dessert bar with kids in mind.
  • Have a children's table if the parents would like to sit with other adults. Have your florist design a pinata, filled with inexpensive toys and activities. Give children their own favor, such as a coloring book, special for weddings, at the table. If the children are seated with their parents, place these coloring books at their seat to keep them busy.
  • You may want to consider hiring a babysitter to watch the youngest guests. Some reception sites offer a separate attached room, where the kids can enjoy their own space, watch videos, play, and the parents can visit as well.
Tip: Check with facility for a children's menu. If so, order kids meals for the kids. Many
children will not like the beef Wellington or course you are serving, so why pay for it?

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