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Having a wedding favor is not required. However, it can be a fun way to say "Thank You!" to your guests for sharing your special day.

Looking for ideas for wedding favors? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Crystal, gold, or silver bells Crystla, Gold or Silver bells (your guests can ring them to initiate the kiss between the bride and groom)

  • Bottle of wine with a personalized label
  • Picture frames that can also be used as place card holders
  • Candles and candleholders
  • Porcelain Vase
  • Small potted plant
  • Seedlings for planting in celebration of your marriage
  • Bubbles for blowing
  • Wine goblets
  • Sugar coated almonds tied in a small net bundle
  • Chocolates (or any kind of candy wrapped in tulle)
  • Cookies
  • Potpourri wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon
  • Homemade CDs of the bride & groom's wedding songs along with some personal favorites
  • Small bud vases with a single short stemmed rose or flower with a tag for guest seating arrangements
  • Baseballs or golf balls marked with the bride & groom's name and date (for the sports fanatic)
  • Use Christmas bulbs and print/handwrite the bride & groom's names and dates - attach with a thank you note and festive ribbon
  • FlipBook Favors are a new trend that allows guests to make an 8 second video clip and turn it into a 'flip book'
  • Photobooth Favors is another fun, interactive favor guests will get to keep. Similar to the photobooths you see at the mall - many available with cool backdrops. The picture they take is their favor!

It's a great idea to personalize your favors with your names, date, and perhaps a little poem or thank you note.

When selecting favors for your wedding, use your imagination. If you are having a theme wedding, find favors that go with the theme. For instance: if you are going to Hawaii for your honeymoon, give out leis. Be creative! The choice is yours.

Thanks to Michelle, Jill & Jennifer for sending us some of their favor ideas!

bridal makeup artistsFavor Tip: Consider a fan favor! This truly is a useful gift to give for a hot, summer Rhode Island wedding! Fan Favors are great as placecards, too. Consider hiring a calligrapher to place each guests' name and table number on the fan. Then hang on a lattice backdrop or fence. Adds beauty to your decor while providing a useful favor for guests. Find more ideas on fan favors >
Wedding Favor Alternatives
Consider making a monetary donation in lieu of wedding favors. Many charities now make it easy for you by offering table donation cards with a minimum donation. Not only is this a thoughtful favor, but its also a 'green favor'!

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