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A Guest Book can be a treasure that will last forever. A Guest Book is filled with memories of those that shared your wedding day with you. If you are looking for something different other than the traditional, leather-bound keepsake book, here are a few suggestions:

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  • Place a porcelain platter or vase and an engraving pen on the table and have your guests sign their names as they arrive.
  • Have a blank book on a table in the entranceway and have your guests attach a Polaroid picture of themselves as they arrive. Then your guests can write their greetings next to the picture.
  • Have your guests bring a photo of themselves with you (or both of you). They can paste the picture in a memory book and write their comments next to the photo.
  • Frame your engagement photo or a special image of the two of you with a large photo matt, then have your guests sign the matt as they arrive. Perfect for hanging up after the big day.
  • Have your videographer create an electronic memory "book" for you to enjoy. Your guests will say their comments while your videographer tapes them.
  • Have your guests sign a signature scroll.
  • Have guests write well wishes on a small piece of paper and place them into a vase or well wisher book.

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