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Receiving Line

RI wedding ceremony
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The receiving line is a great way to formally greet all your guests. It is also a sure way that you will be able to speak with each guest. The receiving line can be done directly after the ceremony or at the beginning of the reception.

If you decide to do the receiving line after the ceremony, you can have it right outside the ceremony site's doors. Such as in the hallway, vestibule or even outside. If you are holding the receiving line at the beginning of the reception, you can have it right before your guests enter the reception site doors, in the lounge or in the lobby.

Traditionally, the bride's parents will line up first in the receiving line. They will be the first to greet the guests. The bride and groom will stand next to them in line. Followed by the groom's parents. If you would like to include your attendants, they will follow the groom's parents in line.

Not sure what to say? You can start by introducing your guests to your parents if they haven't met yet. Then make sure that you thank them for coming.

You may choose to forgo the receiving line. If this is the case, you must make sure that you say a few words of thanks at the reception.

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