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We made silk topiaries to decorate our booth at a recent wedding show. So many people commented on them and wanted to know how we made them, that we decided to include instructions on how you could make your own.

Thanks to Denise for making them for us!

20 Roses (or more depending on how dense you want it)
2/3 yard of Tulle (netting), cut 15, 3" squares - I used green, to fill in between the roses
Topiary stick (I got mine at JoAnn's fabrics)
Floral wire, cut 15, 4" pieces
Floral clay (to hold topiary stick in place)
A pot
Clean rocks (something to weigh down the pot ie: marbles, sand etc.)
Glue (Elmers is fine)
Glue gun
Spanish moss (to cover the rocks)


  1. Find the center of the tulle square, pinch it to a point and wrap wire around to make a stem. Repeat for all squares.
  2. Stems on roses should be 2", cut if necessary.
  3. Hot glue the rose and tulle stems into the ball of the topiary stick. Alternate as you go along. (I found it easier to put the hot glue directly on the topiary ball and then place the rose or tulle in place.) You may need to use more roses and tulle to achieve the effect your looking for.
  4. When the flowers and tulle are complete, place some floral clay at the bottom of the pot and center and balance the topiary stick in place.
  5. Make sure if using rocks or aquarium rocks that they are clean and dry.
  6. Put a layer of rock in pot to cover clay. Cover rocks with a heavy layer of glue.(the glue will sink between the rocks) Place another layer of rock and glue, repeat this process ending with glue until about " from the top of the pot. Place moss around the stem while the glue is still wet. Let dry at least 24 hours
  7. Decorate with ribbon.