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Saving on Your Transportation

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There is no question -- weddings are expensive! By cutting costs here and there, you can save lots of money. If money is tight, luxury transportation can be the perfect place to cut a few corners, without giving it up completely.

Cutting Costs
We've listed ways to save on your wedding transportation:

  • Instead of renting a white limousine, rent a silver or black limo.
  • Rent a town car instead of a limo (that is if your dress will fit!).
  • Do not rent a limousine for the wedding party. Have them use their own transportation.
  • Rent the limousine for only one trip, rather than renting it for the entire event. For example, rent the limo from your house to the wedding or from the wedding to the reception.
  • Call a local antique car club and ask whether they will chauffeur you to your wedding for a small fee.
  • Rent a convertible or a luxury car.

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