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Rev. Charles & Rev. Cheryl Cavalconte
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(401) 253-5770
Rev. Charles C. Cavalconte, M. Div.
Rev. Cheryl D. Cavalconte, M.A.

Warm and creative, Charles and Cheryl desire to help you create and celebrate your own unique and personalized wedding ceremony.

With over ten years of wedding experience, they offer you many ideas about customizing and designing your ceremony with as little stress as possible. Their workbook, which is included with their service, contains 130 pages filled with blessings, prayers, readings, vows, rituals, ideas, and suggestions; the book offers hundreds of ideas and thousands of combinations to make your wedding truly one of a kind.

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Questions to ask your Rhode Island Justice of the Peace.

Frank Camera - Justice of the Peace

Hon. Dennis I. Revens


Justice of the Peace Peter K. Rosedale

Officiant Minister DiSarro


Rev. Charles & Rev. Cheryl Cavalconte

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